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Welcome to the City of Boulder Records Archive. Use this site to search for public records associated with City Council, Boards and Commission meetings from 2008 to the current year. You may search by key words or browse folders sorted by board and date of material.

Please note: For Boulder's Energy Future documents that the number in front of the document represents the order in which they should be read.

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Current retention requirements will be applied for all documents deposited into the system and documents found apply only to the documents that are within their retention periods.

Under the City's current policy on the access of public records, official Custodians of City records are:

  • City Clerk (for all records centrally maintained by the City)
  • Department Heads (for all records maintained within their departments)
  • Director of Information Technology (for electronic mail)
For Police Department records contact 303-441-3300.

For Fire Department records contact 303-441-4178.

For Planning and Development Services records contact p&

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