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ORDINANCE NO. 7125 <br />AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING A NEW S~CTION 5-4-16, B.R.C. <br />1981, CONCERNING THE PROHIBITION OP THE US~ OF <br />INDOOR FURNITURE IN AN OUTDOORS LOCATION, AND <br />SETTING FORTH DETAILS IN RELATION THERETO. <br />BE IT ORDAIN~D BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BOULDER, <br />COLORADO: <br />Section 1. Chapter 5-4, B.R.C. 1981, is amended by the addition of a new section 5-4-16 to <br />read: <br />5-4-16 Outdoor Furniture Restriction. <br />(a) No person shall place, use, keep, store, or maintain any upholstered furniture not <br />manufactured for outdoor use, including, without limitation, upholstered chairs, upholstered <br />couches, and mattresses, in any outside areas located in the following places: <br />(1) In any frontyard; <br />(2) In any side yard; <br />(3) In any rear yard or other yard that is adjacent to a public street. However, an alley <br />shall not be considered a"public street" for the purpose of this subsection; or <br />(4) On any covered or uncovered porch located in or adjacent to any of the yards <br />described in (1) through (3) above. <br />(b) The provisions of this section shall apply within the following described area: Those <br />portions of the University Hill neighborhood bordered by Baseline Road on the south, <br />Arapahoe Road on the north, Broadway on the east, and, on the west by the western <br />boundary lines of those properties located on the west side of Ninth Street. <br />(c) For the purpose of this section, yards are defined as follows: <br />(1) The terms "frontyard," "rear yard," and "side yard" refer to the open space between <br />buildings and property lines at the front, rear, and sides of a property, respectively. <br />(2) A side yard extends the full length of a lot as if a line rumiing along the edge of a <br />building was eaCended to inYersect with the rear property line. <br />K:\P W EP\o-7125.jwv.wpd <br />